Pokret za slobodu (Freedom Fight movement) is independent, nonpartisan and self-organized workers-peasants organization from Serbia, which supports, organizes and connects struggles of workers’ and peasants’ groups on local and international level. It strives for social justice, decentralization of power and higher involvement of citizens in decision-making. Pokret za slobodu established Coordinating Committee of Workers Protests, which horizontally connected strike committees and workers groups from a number of cities, from far north to far south of the country, for joint advance in the struggle for saving jobs and enterprises that were engendered in privatization process marked by high levels of corruption. Workers organizations, groups and strike committees, which are members of Coordinating Committee, reached the farthest in the struggle against deindustrialization and jobs destruction in Serbia. Pokret za slobodu is a part of international peasants movement, and, in coordination with numerous international groups, it tries to fight for food sovereignty. In Serbia, the movement encourages self-organized employment projects, and advocates improvement of conditions for founding collectives and enterprises for primary agricultural products processing. Multi-year Pokret za slobodu activities on creation of workers-peasants movement and on obtaining international support for concrete local struggles are summed up in recently published books Deindustrialization and Workers Resistance (2011), Land and Freedom (2011) and Struggle for the Future (2013). Since August 2013, Pokret za slobodu runs internet magazine in English language: Freedom Fight Info: Voice of the Resistance around the Globe (www.freedomfight.net).

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