Statement of Coordination Committee of Workers and Peasants Organizations


New Pokret za slobodu's protest walk will take place on Monday, 18th February, beginning with gathering before the Privatization Agency at 4 pm. From there, protest procession will proceed to the Serbian Parliament and Ministry of Economy, and then to the Presidency, where we expect negotiations initiated at the last protest to continue.

- Determining responsibility of the state and of the competent institutions for privatization theft.
- Determining Privatization Agency's responsibility and its closing down.
- Passing the Law on non-limitation of offenses in privatization.
- Restoring production in damaged companies.
- Restoring domestic production instead of subsidizing multinational corporations.
- Stopping the sale of companies and agricultural land.


Statement of Coordination Committee of Workers and Peasants Organizations

In the last decade, workers protests have, directly and indirectly, led to certain positive changes in our society. However, there are still many things to be changed. On Monday 18th February in 4 PM, by gathering before the Privatization Agency, we will continue our long year struggle against corruption in privatization. Like all recent protests in POKRET ZA SLOBODU's organization, this one too is dedicated to the memory of VERICA BARAĆ, the person who made the most effort for the rights of common people to be respected in our country. We invite all workers, associations and unions that care about the public interest of society we live in to join us and support the protest.
All together to victory!
Coordination Committee of Workers and Peasants Organizations
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Udruženje bivših radnika Zastave elektro, Rača
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