Protest u Beogradu tokom NATO samita u junu

U Beogradu će se 13-15. juna održati NATO samit, najavljeno je na zvaničnom sajtu NATO alijanse.
Ministar odbrane Srbije Dragan Šutanovac nedavno je najavio da će u Beogradu sredinom juna biti održana redovna godišnja konferencija alijanse i partnerskih zemalja. Šutanovac je naveo da će među delegacijama koje će učestvovati na konferenciji, 28 njih biti iz država članica NATO-a, a 22 iz zemalja članica Partnerstva za mir.
NATO, instrument globalne imperijalističke represije i kapitalističke eksploatacije, doneo je odluku da održi samit u glavnom gradu zemlje koju je bombardovao i razrušio pre samo jedanaest godina.

To bombardovanje je samo jedno u nizu zločina ove ratne mašinerije koja mora biti zaustavljena.
Ne u naše ime! Ne u našoj zemlji!
Vidimo se 13. juna.
Jedan od poziva anti-NATO organizacija i aktivista na engleskom jeziku:

Dear friends and comrades,

We would like to inform you that on the 13 – 15 of June the largest NATO summit (Strategic Military Partner Conference) in history will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. According to official NATO information this summit “is a core event within [NATO] Supreme allied command transformation Strategic Engagement Campaign. It is a strategic level conference dedicated to inform Chiefs of Defense of NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI), Contact Countries (CC) and further selected countries about the approaches to bring forward NATO’s transformational efforts in order to discuss these ideas and to gather national perspectives.” This clearly shows that Belgrade is going to host one of the most strategically important NATO summits ever.

The fact that NATO, which is one of the most important tools of global imperialist oppression and capitalist exploitation, is holding a summit is reason enough to organize an international counter summit.What makes the announced summit even more bizarre is the fact that it will be held in Serbia, a country that was recently bombed and ruined by NATO. Of course, the bombing of Serbia is only one in a long line of destructive NATO actions against humanity, the continuation of which we are witnessing in Libya today.

The intention of our campaign is to organize a massive international anti-NATO summit, with a large number of public activities, direct actions and demonstrations. We are hoping, above all, to mobilize the local masses, but we would also like to have a strong presence of international anti-militarists, anti-capitalists, anti-fascists and other activists that support the struggle against NATO. It is our intention to organize an anti-NATO camp for all comrades coming from abroad. We would like to invite you to come to Belgrade and participate in our campaign to stop the NATO summit in Serbia 2011.

NATO summit in Belgrade shall not pass!
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